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Why ZipBanChan ?


All of our menus are ready-to-heat or pre-washed and cut ingredients

Healthy recipes and ingredients

We are all certified food handlers in CA. We are insured and licensed business holders. We do have open kitchen and store that you can come-in and see how we are prep & cooking your meals Never uses MSG and Preservatives that you can see it clearly

Convenient delivery

No subscription needed. Per-order basis Delivered in insulated bag with full of ice gel packs No need to be home. We will leave packages at your doorstep

  • Attention!

Zip BanChan delivery service is temporary stop until 1st week of November. Due to updating better delivery service and the newest banchans.
Please Check back for Zip BanChan delivery. Until then, You may order & try our healthy Korean snacks.
see below for more info!

새로운 메뉴와 배달시스템 개선으로 집반찬 배달 서비스가 10월 말까지 중단됩니다. 11월 첫재주, 새로워진 집으로 배달되는 반찬을 찾아주세요. 반찬배달 서비스는 중단되지만, 집반찬에서만 주문 가능한 산양삼 두유와 가족들의 장 건강을 위한 프로바이오틱 패밀락,건강한 5곡 미숫가루는 구매 가능하오니 아래에서 자세한 정보 확인해주세요

지금 '선' 주문 가능하세요/ Pre-oder items

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