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We are upholding tradition

Zip means home. Banchan refers to the wide assortment of side dishes eaten daily, and is an integral part of Korean cuisine. To provide this important daily staple, Zip Banchan strives to deliver warm and healthy homemade banchan to all.

Having started out in 2002 as a small banchan shop in Gardena, CA, Zip Banchan has since expanded its business online, and delivers delicious Korean food to 40 nearby cities every day. In order to provide warm, filling meals and share proper traditional Korean foods with more and more people, all banchan is hand-made with only the best ingredients and, most importantly, a mom’s love. The Gardena branch and online store are Zip Banchan’s two main sites of operation. Rather than chasing profits by mass-producing trendy fusion foods, Zip Banchan prides itself as a family-owned business that cooks truly authentic Korean cuisine every single day.

Meet the chefs


Choon Lee

Executive Chef

Choon is the head chef of Zip Banchan. While growing up in Korea in a big family of more than 20, Choon naturally learned to cook a wide variety of traditional Korean foods through her grandmother who was a chef. She learned how to make many different Korean seasonings from scratch, how to grow her own ingredients, and learned the best cooking methods most ideal for Korean cuisine.

After immigrating to the United States, Choon was determined to cook and sell proper traditional Korean food during a time when fusion Korean food was trending in Los Angeles. This led her to opening her small banchan shop. Since then and to this day, Choon starts cooking every day at 2 AM.


Krissy Song

President, Executive Chef

Krissy is Choon’s daughter. Having grown up in a family that runs a food business, she naturally gravitated toward opening a restaurant of her own and gaining business experience since the age of 20.

After experiencing two business failures, Krissy took over Zip Banchan in 2017. Under her management, a delivery service was added which led their business to go online, and the business has continued to thrive and expand each day since.

“I believe that that which is the most authentically Korean is, in the end, the most global.”

Growing up as an Asian American, since when did we start to enjoy Japanese-style raw fish on a regular basis?
It was a long time before sushi was so widely accepted. I believe that Korean banchan is rising as the popular food of the future, even more than sushi, because banchan uniquely offers an extremely wide variety of healthy foods. There are countless options for vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free diets, while also implementing a wide selection of meats, fish, soups, and more. And of course, the taste is second to none.

Though I am able to cook Westernized fusion Korean food, I am committed to studying and cooking authentic and traditional Korean cuisine. No matter how long it may take, I will not stop

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