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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Check your delivery schedule. Place an order before or by every Monday 9:00am.
    Get delivered to your doorstep on your scheduled delivery date.
  • No, you only order when you wanted and needed.
    But we do offer regular delivery subscription with discounted prices. Please contact us for more info.
  • We deliver within our delivery zones. You can see the current delivery cities at the front main page of our website.
    Your city is not on the list? As we are keep expending, we can check your delivery availability upon request.
    Please ask us and we’ll let you know if we can get to you!
  • Free delivery over $70. If less, there is $7 flat delivery fee.
  • To ensure your banchan and Kfoods arrive quick and fresh, We only hand deliver using our own drivers.
    We do not partner with taxi services or 3
    rd party drivers to carry your foods.
  • The time of delivery depends on where you live and delivery schedule every week (Think driver routes, package volume plus weather and route conditions etc..) so the timeframe is between 4:00am and 11:30am except for Tuesday (Tuesday delivery starts from 10:00 am to 4:00pm) 
    We ask you to pick up your packages right after it’s delivered and keep refrigerated. But no worries if you can’t!  We create our packaging to keep your foods cold for 12 whole hours waiting at your door.
    Pick up is also available at our store in Gardena
  • Yes!! Please put it outside marked as PICK UP or ZIP BANCHAN when your next delivery date. Our driver will pick them up for you but we do not re-using the recycled packaging. We only pick them up and return to the vendor just to be an environmental friendly.
  • Have you using the Amazon fresh? We are using the same insulated packaging as Amazon fresh uses but more thicker and stronger material and non-toxic gel packs will keep your foods freshly until you place them in your fridge.
    A friendly head’s up, It’s totally okay of your gel packs arrive partially melted. Your food should still be cool to the touch.
  • I’m not Mexican but I love tacos, Not Japanese, but love to eat sushi. 
    We have a variety of menu options from marinated proteins to all vegetables dishes, If you are a meat lover or vegetarian. Don’t matter as long as you love freshly made home style cooked foods!
    FYI, We don’t use MSG or any other preservatives in our foods. Cooking a savory, traditional and healthy K-food is our main goal.

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