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5 Grain Misu powder (5곡 미숫가루)


건강한 5곡 미숫가루

1.5 LBS * 1bag

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더운 여름날 엄마가 만들어 주시던 얼음 동동 띄운 시원한 미숫가루 기억 나시죠?

다른 첨가물이 전혀 들어가지 않은  다섯가지 곡물로 만든 미숫가루를  한번 드셔보세요

건강까지 생각한 집반찬의 마음을 담아 정성껏 만들어서 보내드립니다


검정콩, 현미 ,현미찹쌀 ,귀리 ,통보리


  • MISU is short for misugaru, a traditional korean superfood powder that is abundant in essential proteins and vitamins.  For centuries in Korea, Misu has been consumed as a highly nutritional beverage due to its abundant health benefits.  Our unique blend consists of brown rice, black beans, and Oat, whole barley , Sweet brown rice seeds to create a delicious and nutrient filled beverage.  No sugar or preservatives added.


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